NIA Notice of School Closure

Updated 4/3/2020

Dear Newman Families,

We hope you are all safe and well.  While we miss all our students on our seven locations in four cities, we know that “if we stay apart now, we can be together later” (Texas Education Agency). Following the Governor’s order, the Commissioner of Texas Education Agency confirmed yesterday afternoon that schools will remain closed through May 3rd and reopen on May 4th.  So, if all goes well, Newman International Academy will remain closed and instructing through May 1st.  We will hold staff development on May 4th, and have students return on May 5th, 2020. We will continue to provide updates as the state directs us.

Thank you all very much for your outstanding cooperation to bring remote instruction to our students. You will be glad to know that Newman Academy did not miss a beat in bringing instruction to its students during this coronavirus crisis. Online instruction is up and running for students from Pre-K to 12th grade in all our campuses Our principals and teachers are working very hard and going the extra mile, so our students will continue to have Newman’s value-based, rigorous, meaningful and engaging learning programs. On the one hand, electronic devices are being distributed based on student need, and on the other, supplemental packets of instructional material are made available on the rare occasion to those who need them. Please note that we are strongly encouraging online learning for all students, as this will provide for them their most favorable learning experience. Students will miss necessary instruction if not online; please let your campus principals know of your need for electronic devices for scheduled ordering and pickup.

Parents, you are the first educators of your children.  During this time of coronavirus pandemic, as we are all journeying through unchartered waters, your help and cooperation is invaluable to keep our children learning without regressing. Thanks to the encouraging words of a number of our parents that Newman is “rocking,” “is truly taking care of its students,” “we are doing far better than institutions out there,” etc. We hear that Newman zoom time is becoming a family time. Do not forget to join your campus online POWWOW.

Please note that there is no STAAR testing this year. All STAAR End of Course testing for high school students are also cancelled. However, promotion will be based on student work and grades attained in teacher assessments. Please continue to ensure that your children enjoy learning, finish assignments and turn them in on time. Encourage your graduating seniors to complete all assignments and course work so they can receive their transcripts for college or career by end of May 2020, and prepare for their Senior Celebration and Graduation Ceremony, which is now being postponed to July 2020. We will let you know of the exact dates soon.

Are you aware that there are 10 million people, including students, associated with education in Texas? If each one of us does our little part in slowing down this coronavirus, we will safeguard our future and our community! So, as Texas Education Agency has requested, we will post (every day for the next two weeks) the simple, yet time tested, effective guidelines to keep sickness away. Please read them with your children and follow the guidelines.

Be safe and well! God bless America! God bless Newman International Academy!

Yours in the cause of education,

Sheba George, Ph.D., Ed.D.,


Updated 4/1/2020


The Newman International Academy community must work together to fight COVID-19.  Head to for vitally important public health guidance to stop the spread. If we stand apart as a community now, we will be together again soon.



La comunidad del Newman International Academy debe trabajar en equipo para luchar contra COVID-19. Visite la página Https://

para obtener información vital sobre como detener el contagio. Si nos mantenemos separados ahora, estaremos juntos más pronto.

Updated 3/20/2020

Dear Newman Families,
I hope that all of you are doing well. Here are some updates, information and guidelines from Newman, so we can all be safe while continuing to bring instruction to our students during the coronavirus crisis.
Following Governor Abbott’s announcement regarding school closure, Newman International Academy will remain closed through April 3, 2020
Newman teachers are using Edmodo, Google Classroom, Zoom and other platforms to connect with students online. All campuses are working on using Canvas/Google Classroom as a platform for virtual classroom experience. 
As an interim measure during preparation for complete online instruction, learning packets have been distributed. A good number of our parents were able to pick up learning packets for their children in their respective campuses during a scheduled time. Those who could not pick up packets are being contacted by our teachers. 
Please contact your teachers and/or principals via email/instruction platforms (Edmodo, Google Classroom, Canvas, Zoom, Remind, etc.) that our teachers are currently using if you have questions concerning student packets, online instruction, etc.

Parents, it is of utmost importance that you work with your children and they do not regress in learning during this time. We request that you serve as the ‘emergency proctors’ ๐Ÿ˜€of our students while they are studying or taking tests. 

If you have children in high school, please help them to also meet WIN (Workforce in Training at Newman) requirements: 10 hours of community service and 20 hours of job experience with a portfolio about the experience and skills acquired in the job. 

Parents, during this coronavirus crisis,  the chores that the students can do in and around your house can be considered as ‘service,’ and any home-based, serious work/training in the area of carpentry, lawn maintenance, business note taking, answering phone calls, professional cleaning, etc., can be considered as ‘job training. ‘   Portfolios must be maintained for work to be considered as ‘job training.’  Please look for the portfolio format and WIN guidelines that the College, Career and Military Readiness Department will resend to Newman high school families. 

There cannot be better teachers than parents if they can teach with dedication, focus, consistency, discipline and love. Parents are the first teachers anyway! Won’t it be great if all parents can bond with their children at this time? 
Please look for guidelines from teachers, principals and counselors regarding forms that have to be filled out by parents/guardians (regarding work done by the students, time spent on assignments, work done to fulfill WIN requirements, etc).  These forms and guidelines will be sent to you soon by respective teachers or coordinators. Kindly note that the State is requiring graduation and promotion decisions in all grade levels to be made based on work and assessment results. Please be sure that parents and students provide the documentation needed for the school’s decision-making process. It is paramount that assessment materials are completed and turned in on time by students, so teachers can provide grades. 
Parents, I thank you for your partnership and support. I thank our administrators, faculty and staff who are tirelessly and selflessly working to bring education to our students. 
In the cause of Newman’s vision for raising warriors of wisdom, stature and favor,
Sheba George, Ph.D., Ed.D.

Updated 3/15/2020

Newman Notice for School Closure due to COVID-19

Dear Newman Families,

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Presidential Declaration of a National Health Emergency, declaration by the Dallas and Tarrant Counties, and recommendation by our Board of Trustees, Newman International Academy will be closed until March 30, 2020.  All activities for students and athletic practices are cancelled during this time. Although there is no case of this virus reported on our campuses, the decision to close our seven campuses in the four cities of Arlington, Mansfield, Fort Worth and Cedar Hill from March 16th to March 30th is being taken to be proactive and keep our children safe.  As a community of responsible citizens, we must do our part in partnering with public health officials to stop the virus from spreading. We are working closely with the Texas Education Agency and emergency management officials to ensure that Newman is planning, preparing, mitigating and responding  to this evolving crisis.


Therefore, the following steps have been taken by Newman International Academy:

  1. Our international travel to Ireland scheduled for March 2020 (that is part of our International Studies Program) is postponed to July, 2020. If any student is unable to travel in July 2020, then a travel voucher expiring September 2021 will be issued by the travel agency.  Please contact Denise Roe for more details Regarding meeting International Studies course requirements, please contact your campus principals and your course teachers via email.
  2. Contingency plans  are being rolled out to take care of the academic needs of our students. (a) Faculty and staff are meeting in their respective campuses (in small groups) on March 16, 2020, as planned to work on scheduled training, student homework packets and additional training for online learning (that will supplement student learning if necessary); (b) Faculty and staff will work remotely as much as possible and meet only as necessary to put student packets together for the following weeks.  Parents may pick up homework packets at scheduled times from the front desk of the respective campuses.  Please contact your principal via email for further details regarding schedule for picking up student homework packets; (c) If learning from home needs to be extended beyond two weeks, lap tops/chrome books may be distributed to students who need them. Students may have to pay insurance fee for the device they are allowed to use from home; and (d)  Online learning will be a supplement for the work/learning from home that students will have to do if school closure is extended beyond March 30, 2020.
  3. All campuses have been disinfected and deep cleaned.  Thanks to Ron Gondeiro, property manager, and his team for working during the Spring Break to keep us all safe.  We also thank all our landlords, Fielder Church and Grace Lutheran Church of Arlington, Bethel Church of Fort Worth and Walnut Ridge Baptist Church of Mansfield for helping Newman Academy keep the premises safe and clean for its students. Newman Academy partners with its community, a community that is very well represented by all these churches that reach out to their communities.
  4. Newman Academy Food Service is working to make free and reduced breakfast/lunch available for pick up for students during the next two weeks and beyond if necessary.


Please see your doctor and report to your campus principal if your child or any immediate family members have been exposed to or have the Coronavirus.  See attachment below that provides more information on school closing, preventive care and helpful links. Please see video attached/posted on the Newman website and campus Facebook, and  look for updates that will be posted to the social media and via email/School Messenger.


Dear Newman families, I have been declaring Psalm 91 (from a Book that I read every day) over my own children, and therefore, over all our school children whom I consider to be mine as well. (“He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty . . . . No evil shall befall you nor any plague come near your dwelling”).  You see, here at Newman, teachers and staff consider their students to be like their own family and care for them like their own. Let us remember that we are warriors. During dark times, we will be a bright shining light. We will be wise, safe and fearless; we are people of wisdom, stature and favor.


Yours in the cause of education,

Sheba George, Ph.D., Ed.D.

Newman International Academy

CLICK HERE for more information regarding Preventative Care, Helpful Links, and Info on Newman International Academy.